APP Design – Nature Sings


Be a conductor of nature’s orchestra.

Healing musics composed with natural sounds like wave, wind, or rain are getting more popular these days. Some people listen to them to concentrate to work, others use them for meditation or yoga session.
There is a number of that kind of songs but it’s not easy to find a “perfect” one for you. Nature Sings allows you not to find but to create your own perfect song for your personal situations.


Those healing musics are basically created with layering a few nature sounds. If you go to composition menu, you will se over 10 preset sounds and you can turn them on/off and adjust the volume of each sound to get ideal harmony. Furthermore, you can download a number of nature sounds from online sounds archive.


Of course you can save your masterpieces. Music pieces are saved with title, master volume, and icon picture to create matched atmosphere on screen. You also can share your music with your friend who has Nature Sings App, or can promote your song on SNS.


All musics are saved in your library. You can play existing songs from here and also edit/delete them to organize your music shelf.