Obake Family Day

Japan Society, located in the center of NYC, held a unique halloween family day event in 2014, called Obake Family Day. Obake is a Japanese word which means ghosts and goblins, and the event introduced Japanese obake characters through fun activities: storytelling, a haunted house, mask making, and Japanese traditional calligraphy.

I took part in creating the event’s identity which included logos and character’s illustrations, and also designed promotional materials: posters, flyers, invitations, and web banners.

Because the day was geared for children, I produced rounded stickers and instant tattoo seals as prizes for the event. These became very popular and a number of children were walking around with the sticker/tattoo on their cheeks.

Because of our successful promotion, we had over 700 guests, which was beyond our expectations. This event was featured in several local newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times and Time Out NY.